Cheap Chinese Arduino clones or Serial-to-USB with the CH340G / CH341G on MacOS Sierra

I got an Arduino UNO clone for around 3 euros on Aliexpress. It’s like 8 times cheaper than the original one, and, unlike the piece of shit that the Orange Pi is (check my previous post), the quality of this clone is the same as the original… Almost.


An AlmostDuino 🙂 For 3 bucks instead of 25, who is complaining?

It uses the same Serial-to-USB CH340G chip that you can find on the USB-Serial module. Therefore, they are not directly supported on MacOS Sierra.

fvkpqkzitkljgsg-largeSerial-to-USB module.

If you google around, you will find a driver.. That kernel Panics MacOS. Seriously, it’s been the first kernel panic I’ve seen in YEARS on Mac OS.

Well, the driver is here: https://tzapu.com/ch340-ch341-serial-adapters-macos-sierra/ you have to reboot after that. It will appear at your Mac as a /dev/tty.wchusbserialXXXX and the Arduino will work as intended. Or the serial adapter like the one you see above. Both use the same driver.

Have fun!


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