Hackerboxes #10: Orange Pi

So, I subscribed to hackerboxes (link). It’s a goddamn amazing idea. It’s… okay.

I saw the amazing things they shipped on their past boxes, and I thought I would give it a go.

Then I got… Box number 10.

Someone made an unboxing:

The microsd to usb does not work. At all.

The microsd card is fake.

Took me three days of trying to make the thing to boot. I can take a Raspberry Pi Zero with a new microsd card to boot in five minutes, so I have no idea what it’s up with this one.

It might be the SD card. But it works with other machines.

This thing takes a proprietary connector, and I hate it. And it’s finicky . That’s the deal breaker. 99% of the time it does not work with normal USB connectors.

It does not deal with overscan, so it’s useless for me. img_2839

Apart from that, it’s a Raspberry PI 3 from a third of the price. It is fast! But… I would not bother.

Can’t wait to have the next one. And hope it’s less crap.


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