When governments fuck up, science goes down the drain. Then, next generations suffer (TLDR: Brazilian academic internet will be down)

This happens everywhere, every time.

I have seen it in Venezuela. The “socialist” government fucked up pretty much any academic research, naming it “capitalist”. Seriously, what is more socialist than sharing knowledge?

Now, after the white coup that took out the president in Brazil, the former vice-president became president. Yep, from the leech party. THE LEECH party. They are where money is. Since forever. So, yep, it’s a coup. But I digress.

Now that the LEECH party (should I say neo-Malthusianists?) took over, they decided to take some initiatives more…. as they say, “in order to make the country grow again” (Make america great again, anyone?). So, they are going on the classic liberalism of the 18th century: cut costs, small state, less regulation for workers, all the shebang. Without really thinking about future consequences.

The coup president wanted a PASTOR as the Minister of Science and Technology. Then after the backlash. he decided to fuse such ministry with the one for the one for communications. You know, the shit dominated by telcos everywhere. So, now, brazil has all science as a vassal to the worst companies of the continent.

Their first act: cut internet to Academia. Because science is not essential.

You know what, Brazilians? You deserve each other. You wanted it. I am gone for good.

Btw: news in portuguese: http://educacao.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,rede-nacional-de-pesquisa-fica-sem-verba-e-pode-sair-do-ar-em-1-2-mil-campus,10000065814


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