When subversion 1.9.4 fails to compile on a Blue Gene/Q

I hope this post is useful if someone stumbles over the same problem (as google returned nothing).

Subversion1.9.4 can’t find the SERF library on my Blue Gene/Q (older versions work fine). So, I had to configure it with

export LIBSERF=/usr/local/serf-1.3.8 # or wherever you installed it
export CFLAGS=-I/$LIBSERF/serf-1; export LDFLAGS=-L/$LIBSERF/lib; export CPPFLAGS=-I/$LIBSERF/include/serf-1; ./configure  --with-serf=$LIBSERF --prefix=[WHEREVER YOU WANT SERF INSTALLED]
make -j64; make install

And voilà.


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