The (almost) free redneck Raspberry Pi underwater camera!

I love fishing. And I love to mess around with my Raspberry Pis. Recently, I found out that underwater fishing cameras are on the range of hundreds of euros, plus a boat needed to drive them. A simple bait boat costs around 530 euros, like the cheapest of these ones, for example.

At first, I thought about buying some cheap adventure camera – some GoPro clone, and attach it to the underbelly of an remote control boat. But I realized that I had neither a boat, nor a camera, nor any wish to spend money on them.

So, an idea sparked my mind: Why don’t I take what I have and make it waterproof? And what better than a cucumber jar to fit everything in?

And this is exactly what I did.

Materials needed:

  • Cucumber jar, with the opening wide enough to pass the Raspberry PIIMG_9119
  • A Raspberry pi, obviously. On the picture above, it’s already stuck in, with the Nokia short micro-usb cable (best cables ever) and the camera strip.
  • Pi Cam. It attaches directly to the Pi’s board, without need of cumbersome usb cables. I use a Pi Noir with infra-red lights.FullSizeRender
  • Any battery.The one I use is the old one from my mopping robot. It’s a 1800mAh, 7V. I put a new one in my robot, so here is the link at amazon.FullSizeRender-1.jpg
  • A buck regulator to lower voltage down to feed the PI. I use this one.FullSizeRender-2
  • Some connectors. It’s extremely annoying to keep messing with wires all the time. Make your life better and buy some 2.5mm connectors. Link to the female ones at eBay.

The idea can’t be simpler.

Put a male connector to the battery, as shown above, and a female connector to the buck regulator. The cables are old computer cables I got from work. Connect the voltage regulator to the pi, connect the battery, close the lid, and, voilà! Done!

IMG_9123A proper camera positioning can be done with some chopsticks 🙂

IMG_9124IMG_9125The whole thing, working.

So, how much did this cost me? Basically, nothing, as I had all the materials.

For the software, I am testing “motion”. No big deal.





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