Design, Google

New Google Maps

TLDR: If you need to teach your users to use something they’re familiar with, your designers fucked up.

There is a video with instructions on how to use the new google maps. The map itself has a step-by-step tutorial.

There are two problems here:

First, there are less things on this version than on the previous. Missing things:

  • One cannot browse wikipedia,
  • or pictures on the map,
  • or weather,
  • or topography,
  • or webcams,
  • or drag the street view guy to see where it works anymore.
  • Damn, the “where am I?” button is gone! Why do I need a map then?
  • The “share” option is gone. Copying the url fails. Worse, there is a share dialog on the top… that leads you to Google Plus. Probably to share your frustration with the new Google Maps.

Second, if you need a video AND a tutorial to teach people how to use a product everybody has been using for years, your design is a failure.


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