remove this game your repository it calls “over god”

Pelo inglês, só posso imaginar que o cara tá chapado. Mas o que você acha? É certo censurar o Ubuntu porque um cara acha que isso vai contra a religião dele? Olha a mensagem:

from vido
to ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com
date Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 4:14 PM
subject remove this game your repository it calls “over god”
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hide details 4:14 PM (3 hours ago)
i ask you to remove this game from your repository it calls “over god”
the package name calls “over god ” but when you enter the game you will find
the word “over god” written like his “over God”.
and the word god can go with lot of meanings but when we are talking about
the word God
it can only mean our God the creator of every thing and the God of every thing
so how come to any thing can be over our God
and the name of the package also not appropriate
you may look to this situation as a freedom of speech
but this point of view is wrong
coz if we think that author can do that coz he didn`t Believe in God
then i`m Believer
so i can do a game insult bozh in it or musslims can do it to christian
or christian can do it to jews
and then what?
every team insult the name of the other team God
is that your idea of Peace between humans
man that`s not right i again ask you to remove it from your repository
its just a stupid game and it will cost you nothing to remove it
if you want Depends freedom of speech and expressing views freely do it with
respect to other People Beliefs , Religions and Feelings
that is all for now

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